Client: XBOX

Employer: TenGunDesign

My role: Main contributor

Duration: 2022/07-2022/09

XBOX Console History Museum

Microsoft's Xbox gaming console launched in 2001, making it one of the most renowned brands in the video gaming industry. The brand has grown over the years, introducing various hardware and software versions. Xbox has launched an innovative project in commemoration of its 20th anniversary. This project provides visitors with a comprehensive look at every gaming console released during different eras. Unlike traditional museums, Xbox intends to provide an immersive and engaged experience to its visitors by allowing them to operate a console to explore information. As part of the project, my responsibility was to design the screens while ensuring the accessibility of the console for a seamless user experience.


To ensure the users feel like they are part of a large narrative, my challenge was to create interactive and appealing content that motivates them to engage with the content and continue learning.

My team included designers and engineers who had previously worked on Xbox projects and were familiar with Xbox's design language. However, my manager only allotted me a limited amount of time to familiarize myself with Xbox's branding guide and conduct relevant research. As an individual who had never previously used Xbox consoles, I began by undertaking extensive research on the UI design system of the Xbox One. Subsequently, I explored the digital museum of the 20th-anniversary celebration to identify design elements and innovation opportunities.


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