Client: KP Corp

Employer: TenGunDesign

My role: Main contributor

Duration: 2022/07-2022/09

KP Corp website overhaul

KP Corp is a multi-million enterprise that is committed to transmitting safe and reliable information and basic printing services. With the rapid changing of technology nowadays, they have a firm intention of commercial tactical change, inclined to a greater service focus on digital data transformation rather than traditional printing services. They are eager to have a website that is more in line with new business strategies to pass on a unique impression to all customers.


Currently, the KP Corp website needs to align with its evolving business goals. My task was to redesign the whole website, not only to bring a fresh perspective to the platform but also to maximize sales opportunities through new business strategies.

The challenge for me was to execute the design while not being a part of research phase, but still demonstrate creative solutions that can help client get results and increase their bottom line.


KP Corp landing page old version





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